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Stepping into a limitless future

Date : July 16, 2021


Over 130 years ago, when others looked to the past, one man looked to the future. From a bicycle repair shop to manufacturing India’s first iron plough, he set in motion the nation’s industrial revolution. Inspired by society and the environment around him, he worked to address the prevalent problems, furthering the progress of humankind. His vision has transcended generations, instilling a work ethic wherein challenges are continuously transformed into opportunities. Today, his teachings have propelled Kirloskar to engineer solutions that form the backbone of sectors such as agriculture, industry, energy and power, infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, real estate, research and development, aviation and aeronautics. Its growth trajectory has been powered by innovation, collaboration and creation.

As the times change and the mindset and requirements of society evolve, Kirloskar has matched the pace with its constant evolution. It has brought to the forefront a philosophy that has been at its very core for the past 130 years- one that mobilizes and unleashes intrinsic human potential, unfettered by convention, empowering it to make courageous inroads into the future; the philosophy of being “limitless”.

Engineering excellence, with an eye on the future, Kirloskar’s focus is on creating limitless opportunities, ones that arise from designing pathbreaking solutions. These opportunities enable Kirloskar to build a destination of innovative offerings that continuously challenge, create value and surpass boundaries. It will build platforms and deliver services by leveraging technology to create a world with endless possibilities. Thus, being the leader of agricultural equipment, power generation, pneumatic packages, cooling solutions and with innumerable innovations in the foundry space, the prowess is truly limitless.

Kirloskar’s legacy, vast in knowledge and rich in experience, has demonstrated how limitless growth cannot be measured by the attributes of just one person or one company. Growth is measured by the progress and well-being of society as a whole- a value the conglomerate strongly stands for. It forges lifelong partnerships, collaborates with suppliers, distributors and customers alike and actively engages them in their pursuit of being limitless. As their chillers are used to cool facilities of the world’s largest vaccine manufacturers and their generators are powering life on tough terrains at high altitudes, it is this commitment of theirs, to better lives, that makes them truly “limitless”.

Take a look at the video below to know more about Kirloskar’s journey and vision for the future.

As seen in the video, the ethos of one man’s vision a century ago, today grows stronger with each day, fueling the conglomerate to be limitless, in both imagination and execution. With innovation as their purpose, the conglomerate embarks on a journey created with knowledge harvested over time, and a vision crafted for a sustainable tomorrow. Incorporating the learnings from their forefathers, infused with new age thinking, Kirloskar ensures that the potential to grow is “limitless”.