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In Europe, our presence has been maintained via exported products supplied by Kirloskar Oil Engines, Kirloskar Chillers and Kirloskar Ferrous. Kirloskar Oil Engines works with Distributors and OEMS to export Diesel Engines and Generators for Industrial and Power segments. Kirloskar Chillers has supplied chillers to hospitals in Palermo and Belluno in Italy, and prestigious projects in Germany, ranging from an art gallery in Mannheim to the Kaufhaus des Westen or Kadewe Mall, Berlin's most famous departmental store.

Kirloskar Ferrous has the technology, competency, infrastructure, and capability to meet global standards for products such as cylinder blocks and head castings. These products are accepted by our customers because they are built strong to last long. We are the first foundry in India to have the capability to manufacture high-quality Euro VI castings for cylinder blocks and heads.

This has also led to our customers to use our castings in areas such as South America (Brazil), Europe, and South East Asia for automotive engines and many more applications.