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Catch an acclaimed climate change anthology at KVIFF

Date : December 27, 2019


PUNE: The organisers of the Kirloskar Vasundhara International Film Festival(KVIFF) unveiled the final selection and catalogue on Thursday. The festival will feature a number of much-lauded environmental and wildlife films, besides sections dedicated to the Himalayas and climate change.

The Policing Langur by Vijay Bedi and The Python Code by Andreas Ewels will be screened at the opening and closing ceremonies at the Balgandharva Rangmandir. All other scheduled screenings will take place at the National Film Archive of India.

The Python Code, made by the German filmmaker, investigates the illegal snake trade in Asia and its links to the fashion industry, which has a huge demand for snake skins of intricate designs. In total, the selection includes around 125 films from 20 countries.

Among the highlights of the festival is the film Interdependence, which is an anthology of short films made by directors all over the world. The film depicts the perils of climate change on the planet.

"The film shows how the changing climate is having an effect all over the world and especially on people in various countries. It was one of the most talked about films at the International Film Festival of India earlier this year. We also have a special section on climate change films and the Himalayas, whose glaciers are melting away due to climate change," said Supriya Chitrav, one of the organisers of KVIFF.

The organisers also announced the remaining two honourees at this year's festival, nominating the ecologist Debal Deb, who founded the Basudha organic farming initiative in Odisha, as well as the journalist and photographer Arati Kumar Rao.