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Bhojsons unveils remote technology in generators

Date : October 10, 2019


A subsidiary of the Bhojsons Group - Bhojsons Powerhub - one of the emerging power solution companies and sole distributor of Kirloskar Green, one of the best selling power generating sets, has unveiled the Kirloskar Remote Management System (KRM). The unveiling of Kirloskar Green generators with remote monitoring controls was held in Lagos, JENNIFER OKECHUKWU was there

A subsidiary of the Bhojsons Group - Bhojsons Powerhub - and sole distributor for Kirloskar Green generating sets has unveiled the Kirloskar Remote Management System (KRM) in Nigeria.

With the launch of the new technology, Kirloskar Green power generators with remote monitoring controls will become accessible to consumers.

The company also stated that the introduction of the 1,000 KVA range of the generator was to meet the growing demand for higher capacity generators. The new technology and 1,000 KVA range were launched at the Power Nigeria Exhibition at Landmark Event Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos.

At the exhibition, the Business Unit Head, Bhojsons PowerHub, Rajneesh Gupta, noted that Kirloskar Remote Management (KRM) system offered a unique experience for users as it availed them the opportunity to real-time monitor of their generators. With the KRM, the end user or customer can monitor their generators across the country from “one room,” he said.

Gupta said the KRM technology was an innovation from Kirloskar Green, which gives users an edge by putting them in control of their generators. He said the system would enable organisations, especially large corporations with large number of generating sets in various locations, to monitor the use, performance and health of their generators in one control room, thereby ensuring efficiency, reducing costs and maximising productivity.

On the advantages of the KRM system, Managing Director, Bhojsons Plc, Vishant Dalamal, said: “Your generator will be used most efficiently as its health meter will always be at the finger tips making it possible to monitor the health from anywhere, the close monitoring will also help in reducing operating costs, thereby, guaranteeing a better return on investment and maximum productivity”.

Dalamal explained further that the new range of Kirloskar generators with the KRM has complete monitoring panel that has been designed to enable customers view all critical indicators on either the laptop screen or their mobile with an added advantage of receiving alarms for critical parameters of their Kirloskar generators.

On the technology, the Product Head, Bhojsons PowerHub, Balaji Thiruvenkatam, stated that KRM provides real time data of several critical parameters of the generator that include fuel level, engine oil pressure, battery monitoring, engine speed, generator run hours, voltage usage and routine maintenance. According to him, the KRM technology gives necessary indication or signal to end-users particularly when there is low fuel level, low lubricating oil pressure, fuel theft, engine speed, high engine temperature and low/high battery voltage. It sends real time alerts to your maintenance team, as well as our Bhojsons care team, if configured, to address the issues before they become critical.

Thiruvenkatam stated that the new 1,000 KVA range was designed to meet the yearnings of the customers obtained through deep customer feedback and market insights. “It is easily adapted to any configuration, such as standalone, interlocked, synchronised or grid connected. It is also built on globally renowned design and has patented winding design that helps withstand operating harsh conditions. Apart from that, it is quick and has affordable door step service coverage,” he added.

The Service Manager, Bhojsons Care, Naveen Joshi, said the company delivers 24×7 after sales service and support to its customers at their door step, emphasising that business has a Pan-Nigeria service network coverage. The company has trained engineers besides our own technical staff at our offices across the country to provide after-sale support or breakdown assistance to customers anytime anywhere.