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Kirloskar Oil Engines announces the launch of solutions for Gas Power Generation

Date : August 26, 2022


 “KOEL will work towards being a fuel-agnostic power generations provider so that customers have the freedom of choice between cost-effective and green solutions”, said Gauri Kirloskar

Kirloskar Oil Engines announced the formal launch of its gas-powered generator range. Kirloskar has always been focused on sustainable and customer-centric solutions and along with increasing concerns for sustainability and availability of gas, industry segments were looking to them as leaders of backup power solutions providers to create alternative fuel-based Genset options.

These IoT-enabled gas generators not only run efficiently even in extremely cold conditions on PNG but also offer a digital monitoring system that enables users to remotely monitor the generator’s performance and important parameters in real-time from just about anywhere. In addition, the emission and noise levels are much lower than a conventional generating set.

The company also launched its dual fit kit that can be retrofitted on its existing as well as future diesel generators to run on a combination of gas and diesel. The event was graced by Kirloskar Channel partners, Gauri Kirloskar, Managing Director, Arvind Chabra, Vice President- Prime Power Solutions, and other senior officials from Kirloskar Oil Engines.

“These CPCB II compliant Gas Generators manufactured at the company’s carbon neutral plant in Kagal, Kolhapur don’t just comply with the CPCB-II Emission Norms, they surpass them. The low particulate matter in the genset will result in environmental sustenance. The overall safety of these Gas Gensets has been kept at the forefront in the design itself”, said Arvind Chabra in his introductory remarks.

Going forward, natural gas as a cleaner energy source makes a move to a more sustainable, reliable, affordable, efficient, and environmentally friendly energy transition possible due to its increasing availability and advantages over other fossil fuels.

Gauri Kirloskar said, “Successful launch of this innovative technology is not only a testimony of our commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable future, but it is also a step towards larger, make-in-India, affordable, clean energy solutions. At a time when energy costs are rising due to global geopolitical pressures, significant changes are taking place in the energy landscape.”

With a strong global market presence, Kirloskar has a wide and committed service network offering assistance and 24×7 service. This extensive and experienced reach will help existing customers adopt alternative fuel options.

Renewables, in combination with energy efficiency, now form the leading edge of a far-reaching Power Generation energy transition.