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Kirloskar Chillers ties up with enVerid Systems to address the demand for Highly Efficient Commercial Air Conditioning for the Indian HVAC&R market.

Date : March 22, 2022

 Enters into an exclusive reseller agreement with enVerid, a leading provider of IAQ solutions.

Pune, India – March 22, 2022 – Kirloskar Chillers announced today a new partnership with enVerid Systems, the leading provider of sustainable indoor air quality solutions. This is part of enVerid’s expansion of its international presence into the important Indian market. Under the agreement, Kirloskar Chillers will be the exclusive Indian distributor of enVerid’s HVAC Load Reduction® (HLR® ) modules, which employ Sorbent Ventilation Technology™ (SVT™ ) to safely clean indoor air in commercial buildings and thereby reduce cooling loads associated with conditioning large volumes of outside air and improve humidity control and indoor air quality. India represents a compelling market for enVerid’s products with its robust commercial building growth, focus on building resilience from polluted outside air, and government action to support sustainable cooling and decarbonization.


Demand for Energy Efficient Cooling

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), “cooling is the fastest growing use of energy in buildings, and without action to address energy efficiency, energy demand for space cooling will more than triple by 2050.” Currently, India is the third-largest consumer of energy in the world. In 2019 India’s Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change released the Indian Cooling Action Plan (ICAP), outlining actions the country must take to transition to more energy efficient air conditioning. Among its objectives: to reduce cooling demand across sectors by 20% to 25% by 2037-38, and to reduce cooling energy requirements by 25-40% by 2037-2038.

“We are excited to introduce enVerid’s award-winning HLR modules to the Indian market,” said Avinash Manjul, Managing Director of Kirloskar Chillers. “enVerid’s sorbent air cleaners have all the hallmarks of an ideal product-market fit for the Indian building sector, and we anticipate robust demand from our broad network of owners, engineers and contractors across a range of both new construction and retrofit projects.”

“The growth of India’s commercial building market coupled with an emphasis on healthy indoor air quality and national goals to drive down cooling energy demands make India a large and attractive new market opportunity for enVerid,” said Christian Weeks, CEO of enVerid Systems. “We look forward to working with Kirloskar to drive adoption of our suite HLR air cleaning systems in both new and existing buildings, helping Indian schools, offices, warehouses, and government buildings enhance IAQ while reducing cooling loads.”


Building Resilience/Indoor Air Quality

Like many nations undergoing rapid economic transformation, India’s air quality is impacted by emissions from vehicles, industry, fuel sources, as well as by construction dust. Traditional dilution ventilation approaches to address indoor contaminants like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and CO2 from exhalations rely on bringing in and conditioning large amounts of outdoor air. In addition to the energy penalty for dehumidifying and cooling that outside air, an added concern is how practical this approach is when the outside air is polluted. Utilizing enVerid’s HLR modules, buildings can use a “Clean First” approach to addressing indoor air contaminants, cutting outside air requirements by up to 80% while delivering excellent indoor air quality.


Award-Winning HLR Family of Products

HLR air cleaning modules offer a cost-effective way to remove VOCs from indoor air to achieve IAQ goals and improve LEED and WELL ratings. All HLR modules are fully compliant with ASHRAE’s Standard 62.1 IAQ Procedure (IAQP). Models include:

View the HLR explainer video here.


SVT and IAQP – A Compelling Combination

HLR modules are powered by enVerid Sorbent Ventilation Technology which allows them to safely remove ozone and VOCs such as formaldehyde from indoor air while reducing energy costs and carbon emissions. When HLR modules are applied in combination with ASHRAE Standard 62.1 IAQP, cleaned indoor air can replace a portion of the outside air required to maintain acceptable indoor air quality. This is an important consideration as large volumes of outside air are very energy intensive to dehumidify and cool, and outside air is increasingly compromised by pollution and wildfire smoke. Using SVT in combination with the IAQP, annual HVAC energy use can be reduced by up to 40%, substantially lowering a building’s energy intensity and carbon emissions without comprising indoor air quality.

In addition to India, enVerid products are available in Southeast Asia through its distributor SCG and in Israel through its distributor CITech.


About enVerid Systems, Inc.

enVerid Systems helps buildings achieve ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), healthy building, and cost saving goals by improving indoor air quality while saving money and reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. For new HVAC systems, enVerid’s award-winning HVAC Load Reduction® (HLR) modules enable immediate capital cost savings. HLR modules also deliver up to 40% HVAC energy savings and superior indoor air quality in new and existing buildings. enVerid’s air filtration products remove particulate and microorganism contamination from indoor air without the significant cost of upgrading mechanical systems and increasing mechanical ventilation rates. enVerid’s products are deployed in commercial, academic, and government buildings globally. enVerid’s air cleaning products are ASHRAE Standard 62.1, LEED® and WELL compliant and eligible for utility rebates. For more information, please visit


About Kirloskar Chillers

Kirloskar Chillers (KCPL), one of India’s leading chiller manufacturers, is a part of the 135-year old Kirloskar Group - India’s diversified Engineering conglomerate. A future focused organisation, KCPL is committed to offer sustainable cooling and heating solutions for the commercial, industrial and government markets. With innovation at its core, KCPL has many firsts to its credit - be it the use of environment friendly refrigerants (HFC134a/ HFO 1234ze) or setting up India’s largest AHRI certified test facility or developing India’s 1st magnetic bearing chiller. KCPL offers the most comprehensive portfolio of chiller products, ranging from 11 to 2500 TR across various technologies like Scroll, Screw and Centrifugal in both air-cooled and water-cooled designs. Apart from the chiller products, KCPL offers value-added HVAC solutions and services, including Automatic Tube Cleaning Systems, Plant Room Retrofits and Operation & Maintenance contracts. KCPL also serves other geographies like SE Asia, Middle East, Africa and neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. For more information, please visit