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KOEL introduces Kirloskar i-Land

Date : October 1, 2021


In line with its philosophy of making sustainability even more of a priority under its new ‘Limitless’ vision, Kirloskar Oil Engines (KOEL) has introduced the Kirloskar i-Land – a fully automated organic waste composter that blends biotechnology and intelligent engineering to convert organic waste from homes and commercial spaces into compost. It aims to reduce dumping of waste in landfills and reduce the waste-treatment pressure on government agencies.

Backed by Kirloskar’s engineering expertise, the composter has features such as noiseless, odourless and maintenance-free functioning with a short processing time of 24 hours. The Kirloskar i-Land will be available in ranges from 25 kg to 1,250 kg machines.

“Through Kirloskar i-land, we aim to substantially reduce harmful methane gas generation with an organic composting technique based on dehydration and microorganisms. Kirloskar has been leading the change to drive environment-friendly practices so as to motivate today’s youth-the global citizens to take part in our ‘I am the change’ movement,” said Atul Kirloskar, chairman, Kirloskar Oil Engines.

Kirloskar i-Land is the only CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Institute) validated organic composter. It acts as an efficient green-living solution with an operating expense of less than Re 1 per person per day. Its adoption is not just environmentally sustainable but also cost-effective. The Kirloskar i-Land is supported by the large dealer and service network of KOEL, ensuring a great after-sales service.

As per government estimates, 65 million tonnes of waste is generated annually in India with municipal solid waste (MSW) comprising over 62 million tonnes of it. This includes organic waste, recyclables like paper, plastic, wood, glass, etc. Only about 75%-80% of the MSW gets collected and of this only 22%-28% is treated. The rest makes its way to dump yards.

According to data presented by the World Resources Institute India, Mumbai alone produces at least 6,800 tonnes of MSW every day. This is dumped in landfills and accounts for 7% of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions. The Kirloskar i-Land composter can help reduce the carbon footprint.