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Kirloskar in South East Asia

Kirloskar South East Asia Co Ltd (KSEA) – A Kirloskar group company in South East Asia has focused its efforts on the power generation segment, especially in Vietnam and Myanmar, intending to use this as a platform to grow further. Kirloskar Oil Engines is expanding its portfolio of energy systems by providing power back up to renewable microgrid solutions for rural area electrification and telecom applications.

Product Range & Industry Segments
KSEA has developed generating sets of special builds to meet the stringent and customized market requirements, which include features such as sound attenuation canopy to 55 dBA, 1000 liters built-in fuel tank, and remote monitoring and control. Generating sets installed in Myanmar support microgrids built for Telecom Tower, which also supply power to remote villages as a sustainable energy supply system independent of public power grids.

Kirloskar’s expansion in South East Asia
Kirloskar South East Asia Co Ltd’s (KSEA), Bangkok office was incorporated in 2016, serving as a hub to Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Laos to provide Refrigeration Compressors, Air Compressors, and Gear Boxes. Kirloskar Oil Engines began operations in Indonesia in 2017. We opened an office in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam in March 2018 to provide service representation in the region. To enhance our presence further, Kirloskar opened its office in Yangon, Myanmar in July 2019.

Industries Served by Kirloskar in South East Asia
Kirloskar Pneumatic is one of the largest manufacturers of CE marked Air cooled Industrial Refrigeration Piston Compressors in the world with the biggest range available to meet all Refrigeration needs. Distribution networks were established for refrigeration compressors used in cold storage, ice-plants, sea-food plants, and similar industries in China to tap the overseas market and boost exports. Our coverage is further enhanced in the region due to the decades-old growing association with our Philippines and Indonesia channel partners.

Kirloskar Chillers supplies large capacity centrifugal chillers to several textile plants in Indonesia, screw chillers to chemical and pharmaceutical plants in Thailand and hospitals and even the Presidential Palace in the Philippines.